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  • Custom Cut Foam Seats or large foam sheets

  • Foam Options: We offer a wide range of foam options to suit your needs, including:

High-density foam: Provides firm and supportive seating for high-traffic areas.

Medium-density foam: Offers a balance of comfort and support for everyday use.

Low-density foam: Creates a softer, more luxurious seating experience.

  • Natural Fillings: 

Latex: Provides excellent support and resilience, popular eco choice.

Coir: Derived from coconut fibers, coir offers natural firmness and moisture resistance.

Hessian: A coarse weave fabric for upholstery projects.

Calico: A versatile, lightweight cotton fabric ideal for layering and padding.

Feather Cushions: luxurious and supportive feel

Cotton Batting: A natural, breathable material used for padding and creating a smooth finish.

  • Supportive Elements: 

Elastic Webbing: Provides a flexible yet supportive base for your seating, preventing sagging over time.

Jute Webbing: Perfect for traditional upholstery

Biconical & No Sag Springs: Offer long-lasting support and a comfortable bounce, ideal for traditional and high-end upholstery.

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